just got back from catching Push…

just got back from catching Push…

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not a bad pic, glad to say. better than expected, both Mel and I think. Yay!

just watched the three trailers for Star Trek, coming to the theaters in May – along with wolverine. wow.

boo rests, though I scare her every time I come home late. thank goodness blue just donuts there with her tail a wagging.

hung out at DogStar tonight with Mel and Alex. Boo was there. I went out to say hi to Cheese, Wil’s pup, but Cheese wasn’t super friendly – beautiful pup, just a bit timid. Sarah’s friend noticed my bracelet, and I felt a bit off describing it – TSGT Bennie L. Dexter deserves a better story, but in truth, he went to Vietnam and never came home. You are not forgotten.

It’s been stupidly warm past few days – topped 70 both Saturday and Sunday – ugh! Did make having the doors open and being out and about. Saturday night we were off to Cary to nibble with Nate and Carrie, along with Michael and Rachel, and Leslie and Derrick made it out too!!! Today (sunday) I went to downtown Raleigh to hit up the auto expo at the convetion center where Mel and Z made it too – lots of fun. Yay.

the house it trashed, the in-laws will be down next weekend, too much doom and gloom (or is it enough?) in our day to day chatter, but I have hope. Foolish hope perchance, but hope none the less!

Ok, let me try to push some pics up … I’m looking at rock band pics with beth and morgan, tea and tempset at 307 salon, tea and tempst at the scrap, and another round of rock band in Cary!

wish me luck.

~ S ~

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