what a lovely summer day…

what a lovely summer day…

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we got our garage roof re-shingled over monday and tuesday – go BJ Boak, same guy who did our big tree cutting down. He’s old school – fell off a ladder working on his roof, and now his knee is hurting ‘on the inside – probably chipped a bone’ he told me, as he was about to climb up and work on my garage. whoa…

the current tension is part waiting/anticipating the arrival of the in-laws over the weekend – and it’s all about the house. not clean enough, not put together enough, and I’m not motivated enough to push through and make miracles happen. fuck.

alex is having his own challenges – think he’s moving from Durham to Raleigh over the next few weeks – all very good for him, he’ll be closer to his family; but moving is never a fun thing, so we’ll have to keep him excited about the great things – his fundraiser next wednesday, the run up to NYC in March (I say that like it’s weeks away – wow), all that good stuff.

spring is supposed to be about growth, awakening from the slumber of winter, right? got to work on that, for the slumber is sooooo soooo sweet.

ok. morning ramblings. done.

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