sunrise is almost as cool as sunset…

sunrise is almost as cool as sunset…

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having to get moving early due to the supershuttle schedule does have a few benefits – you can watch the insane parking at the drop off area of tampa int’l as if it’s a tv show – fretting not about making it to your plane.

watching the sunrise across the tarmac … having the security/baggage lines be non-existent.

getting pleasant service from the starbucks/hudson news peeps…

so i sit here, in front of gate C39, Southwest, feeling free to move about the country. heading home, though feeling like I should stay, but perhaps i’ll be right back. I’ve got a white chocolate latte, a banana nut muffin (healthy?), rem playing in my earpieces while I push a couple of more pictures over to flickr.

temp was 80 in Tampa, dipping to 79 an hour later as I arrived at the airport – huh? what? odd…
temp in Durham is 50. yay!!

So what has this experience added to my life, I wonder. as led zep sings ‘all of my love’… that people are amazing. that old doesn’t mean not fun. that 2000+ sq feet can be quite nice.

That I should always pull the pics off the card before I start pushing, so that as the sun rises over the jetway, I’d be able to grap a pic – sadly, no sunrise in tampa pics for YOU!!!

that being with the one you love has amazing properties of healing and hope. guess that’s love, eh? but how do you know to go get healing if you’re not feeling great? hmmm… like how Bubbie was describing how her main doc and her got along only so so, until one day they exchanged pleasantries and there was laughter and from then on they got along great – I pointed out to her there needs to be a ‘take your doc out to happy hour’ hour – so you can meet the person, while feeling good. as opposed to getting 15 minutes of their time, while you feel like shit.

other thoughts rattling around the sun dazzled skull of your humble servant – circus love, for a generation who didn’t have high-speed intertubes and 500 channels of distraction – once a year the show came to town that was exotic and fanciful – is that why Bubbie (& Walt’s) generation are so fond of that experience? Boo pointed out how she can’t enjoy due to animal cruelty concerns… and times change…

the world wakes up, we stare amazed at the wonder of it all, then fall headlong into our lives, pursuit high for what we think we need, missing the point as it rises slowly, ever always into the sky.

how nice.