more than a year … probably 1.5 yrs by now…

more than a year … probably 1.5 yrs by now…

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getting my butt here to help out UNC with autism research. One of the first meetings (first day?) there was a mention that Joe wanted a starbucks on the roof. We all very much support that goal … and I’ve taken the time to look for – but never find – the stairs that access the roof. Not on either end of the back of the building where our outside stairs are… not in any of the hidden rooms up here on the 2nd floor.

My money was on the locked room for the elevator mechanicals, down on the first floor – obvious, right? only place I can’t get into to peek.

So today, as I took a power stroll to focus on the next things I need to get done, I looked at our building as I walked up to it from the cul de sac we have at the end of our street – huh, that’s a peaked roof, just like Hobbit House and our garage. huh – no chance in hell of putting a starbucks up there. Kinda really explains the lack of access via a ladder or stairwell.


hope you have moments of intense clarity today.


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