a gentle rain…

a gentle rain…

a gentile rain. ticks and tanks on the metal awning right outside – gentle gentle gentle. so as not to wake the morning just quite yet. just so quiet yet…

got blue to the vet yesterday – she, like the rest of us here at hobbit house, needs a change in diet, a change in direction.

but she’s cute –

and got to visit the office through no fault of her own. Maybe I should have parked in that ditch.

wiser peeps than I are able to live via an onslaught of love and compassion – I fear they are much stronger than I; perhaps we all have the ability, just not the practice. Sometimes it’s hard to be inspired to such feats of humanity though. Just saying.

and so the week tips past halfway, the weekend rushes forward (go matt and jo-anne) and I will head back out to the set of the real bad-asses of Carrboro site management!! woot!


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”