the quiet start to a new week…

the quiet start to a new week…

what wonderful things will happen before its end?
well … I’m sure I’ll have a pic or two of my cute pup Blue –

Hell, I’ll even have a pic or three from a road trip to Upstate come the end of the week.

Just like I have a pic or two from this past weekend – Thursday was the first day of Morgan and I’s photography class (oh yeah – we’re learning to take pictures – I’m sure everyone here will appreciate that!) – see?

then Saturday we made it over to Carrie & Nate’s for a yummy dinner (Thai spiced pizza – yum!!) and a refill on our ‘oh my god they’re sooooooo cute’ bucket via Pascal’s pups –

sooooo cute!!
There was a gorgeous sunset on the way to Cary-town…

Oh – I forgot to push this link as something you’ll find funny – but you will:
Lewis Black on the Daily Show, on Eat, Pray, Love.

And this one …
A tribute to Ray Bradbury

hope things are going well for you!


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