a present before the end of the month …

a present before the end of the month …

for saying ‘rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’ three times the first thing in the morning on the first of the month. Not a bad offer, frankly.

February has arrived. I’ll flip calendar pages for the next few days. I’ll focus on the future, a mere 27 days from now. what would be the present I’d choose to get? Hmmm…

Here’s an interesting thought – what if when I’m at my desk at home I’m producing something, versus just ‘soaking in it’? How about making selections and edits to the numerous pictures I have on my hard drive? I’m looking at cloud storage costs in a pursuit of a ‘once and for all’ collection and collation of all my far flung digital files/life… is that worth the effort? or just have all my drives scanned and just search for the file I think I have? hmmm… storage is cheap.

Listening to the protests in Cairo via BBC Newshour on NPR … the female reporter is describing the crowd and the security at the march. Makes me ponder what we could have accomplished at Jon & Stephen’s rally, if only we had desired to demand change and not leave until it happened. instead we have a Florida judge claiming health care shouldn’t be a law. Hmmm…

So does anyone want to know the focus of scott for the month? what goals I’m heading for? or shall I just speak my mind and see what happens next? whoa – isn’t ‘not caring so much about other’s’ one of my goals? and here I am, a mere 9 hours in and already tripping over my ‘typical’ skills.

Ok – i’ll get back to that point soon enough.

Eggs and toast, coffee and a shower. That’s my morning, then to work with friends while Boo wraps up her gig so she can hopefully be happy healthy and wise starting tomorrow at her NEW gig! Go Boo!!

hey – blue – cute – I have proof!!


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”