2:57pm wednesday afternoon, in the middle of february…

2:57pm wednesday afternoon, in the middle of february…

in the middle of scott heart’s scott month.
in the middle of life taking things,
in the middle of fun games of ping pong at motorco
in the middle of learning to dance!
in the middle of wondering if I’ll die in my cubicle and be forgotten for a day or so
in the middle of listening to songs from times gone by
in the middle of seeing pictures from years ago of friends at the beach
in the middle of wondering what has happened to those same friends
in the middle of
a thought
a hope
a dream
a scream
a stand
a demand

70 degrees out on valentine’s day – leaves me confused, but smiling.
watching movies about the pain and sorrow of our soldiers makes me confused, and frowning.
“we are grateful for our problems” – no, I suspect we are grateful that we are alive to experience life, which will have problems. I’m grateful for the family I have, and the friends who love me.

I’m happy to see my wife be so happy about her new job. She deserves to be happy.
I’m happy to have our pup be a lump of comfort stretched out in our bed, leaned up against us, flopping into a classic J-dog, or even just donuted off to the side at the end of the bed. Her being makes me feel good.
I’m happy I have the good fortune to be in the place where my unbalanced life is tended to with a small pill every day, and the rough edges that threaten to spin me haphazardly towards the edge of the abyss aren’t overpowering my forward momentum. ‘ever onward, sometimes forward!’
I’m happy that the world continues to change and challenge our expectations and presumptions – there’s a bit of suspense to see how we’ll pull it all off – it’s our only choice really, and looking around our big blue marble things are all sorts of interesting and in chaos. Entropy – Woot!!
oh yeah – happy that a global TV audience heard good things about the town I call home. Go Merge Records!!

snow is a good thing –

A place to have breakfast with Boo and Blue is a good thing –

Futzing about with a new place to ‘work’ at the house is good –

being lucky enough to time a visit to the outdoors just as mother nature does something incredible – that’s really good.

knowing what love feels like – that’s good too.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”