So this is a Friday morning…

So this is a Friday morning…

Wait – Saturday morning. Nope – Sunday morning it is… well, afternoon.
Link sausage –
Ted talk by dude from MIT who recorded his son saying water for the first time – so much more than just that, but you understand.

Aesop Rock with John Darnielle – kinda fabulous pre-Mountain Goat show watching. Kinda gross video – zombies and what not… but John’s awesome as the closing act of the vid…

how to steal like an artist – fascinating read this morning – perhaps I’ll use this for my weekly focus to see if it helps …

and how the hell are you?
So much popping about inside the brain bucket these past weeks – such as watching ‘The Great Robot Race’ on Netfilx/Hulu/Nova … featuring the Grand Challenge DARPA funded – kinda fascinating, and gave a look at the beginnings of Sebastian Thrun who did the Google self-driving cars TEDtalk I posted last week.

Let’s see – fun has been had – went to see the Mountain Goats at the Cat’s Cradle – great show.
Boo & I went for a short bicycle ride yesterday.
Will shortly head out to enjoy a wonderful day today – have you seen our cute dog?


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”