Wednesday, grey and warm welcome to February…

Wednesday, grey and warm welcome to February…

So, as I am wont to do, I have all sorts of little projects I want to focus on in this, the 2nd month of 2012.
Thing that will go hand in hand with things I AM going to do – say, try to be less amped up over things (bad drivers on my commute) will go nicely with my attendance at UNC’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes. See? It’s like I’m knowing what I’m doing!
Like turning down the volume of news I’m gonna follow – perhaps I’ll stick with Jon and his take on the events of the day. Xtopher seemed to value the less dizzying pace of news by only hearing it from friends and loved ones.
I think I’ll stick to playing my tunes from my phone on my commutes – of course it plays to what I know and love, and I won’t find new new stuff – but isn’t a peaceful singalong drive better than shitty commercials?
Of course, as I type this and Jon’s interview with Jonathan Macey is kinda spiking my ‘god I hate these fuckers’ levels – though in the end it was well reasoned and a good primer on what we’re all going to face as these times of ours move forward.
Mindfulness. Kinda afeared for what I might actually notice, but if it helped Xtopher and Blood, what harm can it do for me?

I’m lucky – I’m really lucky to have the love and support of my Boo, my family and my friends. I’m looking at a calendar from Matt and Jo-Anne – pictures from their fun times, including a pic for February of the Grand Tetons and two heart shaped cobbles from the Mohawk River. I hang that calendar at work, as I did last year’s from them. It makes me smile to think I know peeps who will go adventuring to see beautiful things, and yet find such beauty in their own back yard. Very very cool.

So, perhaps I’ll get to writing more, as it is something I would like to do. I’ve been scribbling some ‘stories’ on a theme of my two-wheeled life – this just may be (why can’t I say ‘this will be’ ???) the moment when I get my act on the road and let the public see my amazing skills!

We’ll see – it’s certainly doable. What do YOU want to be doing that you aren’t yet? Give it a try this month – hell, it’s a short month at that!

Wonder what blue’s gonna do this month …