happyness …

happyness …

I kinda dig the way the universe rolls sometimes. Not always, but …
Take watching this TEDtalk today –
The Happy Secret to Better Work

One – it’s a great talk, very fun… but in it Shawn Achor brought up some good ideas. I did have to make the distinction that there’s a chance that what he says is ‘science’ might not be, but it’s … just good thinking…

So in the talk Shawn speaks of reprogramming how our brain thinks about ‘happyness’ – instead of some out of reach goal never to be attained through our Puritan work ethos, perhaps starting at ‘happy’ will allow us to work better.

Some daily tasks that should impact how I feel –
Find 3 things to be grateful about
Write in a Journal – helps the mind focus
Exercise – lets the body know it counts
Meditation – decouple from the societal ADD
An intentioned act of kindness, random or otherwise

Seems doable, doesn’t it? All for a bit more happyness in my life – sure, why the hell not.

Be good peeps – the weather’s been too nice lately, so prepare for a reprise.

also – blue!