Aren’t you lucky … Scott writes AGAIN!

Aren’t you lucky … Scott writes AGAIN!

Perhaps I am following the good advice Alexandria (Stoddard) offers on the side of my coffee mug (Thanks ARP peeps!!) – “slow down, calm down, don’t worry, don’t hurry, trust the process” …
I’m good with the slow, the calm, though I hurry it’s not too bad – and boy do I trust. it’s the process I might have some questions with. Like, er, exactly what is the process?

Is it like the processing my credit card gets to do when I pick out a cool hat (no, really – it’s for giving me some shade!) and decent boots over at REI (thanks again ARP peeps!)? Or is it the process to make cheese American!!?? I’m just not sure. Might not really want to know.

Guess I’ll just sit back, grab myself a tasty spring blond, and peruse the intro to full catastrophe living (thanks blood!!) – see if there are words of wisdom on the process in there.

It’s been just lovely here today – sunny and nice, sat out front with Boo for goodness, an hour? just a lovely spring day, so Thank You the powers that be. If only I could gain a tad bit more relaxation from such wonderfulness, that would be great.

Oh, hey – do you have a neighborhood ‘listserv’ message board? We do here in the colonial village, as do the north gate park peeps. Here’s an entry from the other day:

Re: task mastered!! Chainsaw aggression therapy?

Posted by: “Heather Brown” heathab30@yahoo.com   heathab30

Mon Apr 9, 2012 3:00 pm (PDT)

Love my neighborhood!
Thanks Alix!

On Apr 9, 2012, at 4:16 PM, Heather Brown <heathab30@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Neighbors,
> We have a very small ornamental evergreen shrub that needs to be cut down. It’s about five inches around at the base of the trunk, about six feet tall and should be Christmas tree shaped, except half of it has been choked out.
> One strong swipe of a chainsaw would fell the ugly beast. We are having a very important guest next week and I’d like to see it gone by the weekend.
> Anyone willing to cut it down for us? I’ll buy you a sixer from King’s.
> Thanks!
> Heather & Holly

Yeah, love the ‘hood too. I’m vaguely intrigued by the ‘very important guest’ reference.
So in my transition window I’ve been looking at doing all sorts of things. Of course, as is my way, haven’t gotten around to ‘doing’ them – but boy do I have a good list started. You’d be proud, ma!
Of course, the stumbling upon things I do want to do, and setting it up so that I just may try something new. Local friends might want to wait a while before accepting offers of grilled foodstuffs (other than smores)
I hope you’re enjoying some springtime joy, and all is decent in the world for you. 
also – blue & Boo!
ciao amigos
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