a warm night…

a warm night…

a longish day.
cool night air drifts in across our bed, blue towards the foot of the bed on my side, her butt up against my thigh. Boo reading a book that’s ‘all OJ Simpson’ she says, in the light of our artificial sun on the bedside table, her right foot and my left foot a touching … we’re both weary a bit, but the good way – from having perhaps too much fun today!

I headed off early and got to the F1 Meetup just in time for the start of a pretty decent Grand Prix of China race. I kept thinking, looking at the broadcast of a grey industrial visage of a location/race, how different the happy shiny rich people of Monaco make the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo look – guess it’s the Mediterranean influence, eh?

Made it back to Hobbit House just in time to do the slightest assist in setting up for a nice get together of friends new and old to celebrate Boo’s 5th Durhamversary! Yay!! Grilling was done, drinks were enjoyed, the Raymond turned out to be a Baby Whisperer (Scott, more of a baby breaker), and a truly lovely spring day was enjoyed by all.

Boo and I talk of our love buckets, and how occasionally we’ll do something that makes each other feel like our love buckets are overflowing – be it a kindness of pancakes for a scrumptious breakfast, or the nicest touch across a world weary shoulder.

Well, I have to say seeing our friends rally to celebrate, being comfortable in ways I forget our friends are able to be (apparently they are able to oversee the vast sweeping landscapes of Blue fur all about our abode…), kind and generous and lovely to a fault … overflowing doesn’t quite capture the feeling.

Swept overboard on a swell of light and spring breeze, kept a loft to see the sights, gently rendered to the comfort of an easy chair all the while loud smiles and warm laughter make us feel at ease and at home. Hell of a nice place to call home, this Durhamtown of ours. Though with the right size mini-bus, we might be able to re-locate a good deal of the Durhamtown-awesomeness, just saying.

Certainly tonight makes the next 5 years seem to be a gift, a time in our lives to build up and reach our happy plateau, just in time to finish building out a front porch/deck area, so as I can get my ‘hey you kids, get off my lawn!’ on; sadly, Morgan, Viv & Jessie will tell me to shut it, so that Izzy, Josey and Dahlia can continue enjoying a spring day, 10 years after Boo made it to town…

So tune in, see how close I can predict the future, and I hope that you take the time to celebrate where you’ve gotten yourself too, and don’t forget to anniversary – cake and ice cream should work.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”