a list of things to do…

a list of things to do…

or should I make a list of things I’ve done?

I do make stacks of things in the digital realm – stacks of funnnies I copy and paste into OneNote – cause I’d hate to have the zombies come, and not be able to recall a Pooch Cafe comic. Odd this need of mine. At least I’m not shipping 3 years of 4 car/bike magazines from Germany to California, right? Ah progress…

we progress. from being ourselves, to being a brother, to being a husband. From seeing our friends getting pregnant to our friends having little burritos of joy, to the burritos becoming bigger, from handling them when they are dropped into my arms to a solid hour of holding onto Morgan & Beth’s bundle of cute and staring at the world outside, going by in no particular rush…
“bobble headed baby, why your head bob? bobble headed baby, why you bobble your head?”

I tried to speak to her about the patterns of life, how a tiny seedling became the big oak tree in their back yard, as do the blades of grasses in the yard, the shrubs and flowers, even little people becoming big people – all part of the cycle. How water is an important element, and enjoyable to lounge in from time to time. Tried to bring up the wave/particle theory of light transmission, along with reflection and refraction issues as we stood out next Fergus, staring at our reflections in the rear door (which was tinted) and the difference in the driver’s window which isn’t tinted. She got to work out her little baby legs by pushing off the door and me saying ‘weeeeeeee flying bobble headed baby weeeeeee…..’

Yes – I’m frankly shocked too, since they know me so well, that they leave their bundle of joy in my possession – oh, got to bottle feed Izzy too today – moving right up the scale of ‘things nearly every one else has done in their lifetime’ accomplishments!!

Sometimes the accomplishment is surviving. making it to the next day intact. I’m sure I’ve written of the challenge of recalling darker days when you’re in a sunshiney-day, everybody singing… wish there could be some mechanism to make the impression of personal ache and pain real when it’s all gone; of course, I’m really hoping that blue mondays become the stuff of legend and fairytales, purposeful to get the attention of youngers, guiding them to better choices, but never actually becoming real or endangering them – just as dragons are.

Guess I’ll lead with hugs until that fantastical day comes to be, eh? Hugs and cookies.

How about you? have you made it to the place where the low spots are still remembered, but not to the degree that the slippery slope sends you into the abyss? A place where you don’t pull out the recording of Ex-mas to listen to the lovely heart break during the holidays, or the anniversary of the despair years. I like this place, as odd as it seems to me. I just hope it’s a place I can be for quite a while, a place as nice for all to join me as our front yard was this past sunday…

So exactly why to you read this far into a post by me? It’s hit or miss ( or miss and miss again) most of the time, and with the exception of pics of blue, the quality is dodgy. I appreciate, don’t get me wrong, I just wonder – are you here for a laugh? I should share a joke or three from the Matt; are you here for my artistic vision? perhaps I should tumblr more.Well, let me know, I’m not staying awake nights worrying, but you know – I strive to please my audience.

Be good to yourselves – always remember it’s gonna be ok, really. Go hold onto some one’s kid if you’re not sure.

also – blue!


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