“You’ve got to stand for somethin’ …

“You’ve got to stand for somethin’ …

01SundayJUL 2012

or you’ll fall for anything.”
Sage observation from the Walt Whitman of Indiana John Mellencamp (nee Cougar), as spouted in 1985 on his touching effort Scarecrow.
Out of family tradition, I choose to stand in the ranks of the United States military. Enlisted in the Air Force before my senior year in high school, sent to a fine variety of continental schooling locales before finally arriving at my work center in the Hunsruk region of West Germany in June of 1987. Gramps gives me the credit for winning the Cold War, and who am I to argue against that point of view?
I’ve staked a flag in this spot of the world wide web so that I can commit to sharing my opinions, found knowledge and general curiosity with all those who come to visit. I hope the front porch is inviting, and that I have plenty of iced tea for all of us.
Thanks for visiting.
Scott W.