sizzlin’ in the summer time…

sizzlin’ in the summer time…

“… a virtue sought by many, found by few; Salada tea” – so said Mr. Taverna, so long ago in W’boro High School

But did he have a steady blinking light that – when I glance down I swear I see it stay solid; then it blinks??!! No – no he did not!!! When my patience pays off  I will then be able to give my ‘damn- that’s a great gift! what a damn great gift – I love this camera!!’ face all over again.

Seems I got a slightly defective unit. Didn’t want to change shooting modes – but that’s OK. Exchange went smoothly, now we’ll see what shooting in “miniature’ effect looks like! and night vision….

but damn – patience…
guess I could just sing a song, eh?
did I mention that that I had a great party?
my friends are the best??
my love is awesome to me, too awesome?

well – yeah, all that.

also – pic o’ blue!!


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