“squinched up your face an did a dance …

“squinched up your face an did a dance …

shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants…” giggle giggle
Kimya Dawson’s kind of an awesome peep, don’t you think?

I have to say things are going pretty damn well this week.
started with a party for ME!! yay ME!!

had a fabulous time with my friends… 

then got to the point of having the gift my love wanted me to have – yay exchange policy at Costco!!

and this morning a sweet note from Flickr Contrl – 

livibetter added this as a favorite. 6 hours ago
Why how nice – I wonder if it’s the pic of Morgan’s lava lamps – fave’d over 29 times!! Or Boo getting her hair cut (think it’s her Canada shirt…) – nope, it’s a pic I pushed last night as a ‘hey, Flickr – could that be the answer to ‘oh dear Flying Spaghetti Monster what did Google to to Picasaweb/G+photos???!!!’ anxiety I’ve been suffering this week. So, well – yay for Flickr! Also thank you livibetter – I’m a star in Taipei, Taiwan!! Go me! I recommend that you take a look at livibetter’s faves – got to say, cats can be really photogenic! did not know that, really.
Ok, wanted to get my ‘yays’ out for the day, then get out into the world and see what I can see.
Hope your weekend gets off to a great start!
oh – blue – she’s a cutie!