A good day…

A good day…

{9:07pm + 11Sep2012 = Tuesday eve} || {The Long Road – Eddie Vedder + – A:ATTH}
odd as that may be. But, that’s how it’s gone – who am I to complain?
A kinda stupidly lovely day today – not warm at all, sunny and bright and full of hope.

Best thing by far today, this –

– tasty cakes, tasty tea, treats I might not deserve –

My beloved loves me.

She shows that to me in hundreds of special and happy-making ways every day. From the loving concern when my morning allergy/migraine visited today, through her kind words as I make my way into and through (over?) my collegieate scavenger hunt, to a minor ‘hug me now, damnit’ upon my arrival back from schooling – two wheels can be a bit much at times; to a savory pasta and salad dinner that was wonderful.

She even gave me a piece of her cake. For me to enjoy. I suspect it’s out of love. Could be the ‘way to a man’s heart’ thing, but I am gonna go with love.
I get to ride my motorcycle, cause she loves me.
I get tasty food, cause she loves me.
I get a piece of her tasty treats, which I do not deserve, but that just makes me the luckiest guy in all of Durhamtown!

Thought I’d share that with you all. I truly hope that today, of all the hard days we have to get through, someone who loves you shared their cake with you.

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”