the sunshine creeps into the morning stillness…

the sunshine creeps into the morning stillness…

the birds get their chirping on as the school buses run about picking up school kids.
Weather says it’s 56 degrees this late summer morning in Durhamtown – I so incredibly agree with that – it makes things so much nicer, like my cup of coffee.

11 years on. That’s what I noted from perusing the news last night (this morning?) before I went to bed. something about construction at the memorial will be re-started(!!!!!) – oh how american of us, eh? No – wait – didn’t American’s make it to the moon – AND BACK!!! – with the computing power of an early 2000s cell phone?

11 years on, and I woke up to a crisp fallish day in the comfort of my bed, in the comfort of my home, with my love and my wonderpup besides me. Got up to check on the downloads I had running – getting a set of Windows OSs thanks to my enrollment in college – woot!

11 years on – and on, and on…

I’m hoping to get to my patriot day brownies, but if I don’t, I … won’t. What does that mean? Is my guilt and anguish so diminished that cracking an egg or two and waiting 18 minutes (if using a dark metal pan) is too much? or is it that trying to ‘fulfill’ a need to participate, to engage, has diminished with time?

A phone call. That’s how that day started for me.
Our friends have little ones now, little ones who are growing up in a world that is different than the one I grew up in – as much as it pains me to think that.
So so much better, and at the same time a bit (to a whole hell of a lot) worse.

11 years on and the FBI is about to get it’s facial recog program up and running, not that private espionage companies haven’t already implemented one. Our very own “Turkeys Squawking  Authoritatively” employees continue to embarrass and ridicule us at every turn, from the front line petty thieves and thugs all the way up to the insubordinate SOBs who won’t reveal the secrets of their porno-scanners. Lessons to be learned in far away foreign lands have not been learned. A chance to change lost to the sands of time and arrogance, ignorance. Damn.

11 years on and I hope Don had a wonderful birthday yesterday, and that he knows Sars appreciates his goodness.

11 years on. And the sun comes up to warm us on a chilly morning.