Forward to the future!!

Forward to the future!!

Way back, in the early 80s, I stumbled upon Neil Young.
Not, as some would guess, via his early days with Crazy Horse, or the Crosby show; no, it was a throw-away album called ‘Trans’ that I checked out of the Dunham Public Library – the actual album too!

Cool, isn’t it??
Well, as I sit here working up answers to the quiz at the end of Chapter 2 in my Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, sweet karmic bliss flows out of my computer speakers – Neil sings Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher)!

It plays above the sounds of my little MacBook HOWLING away because there’s nothing like reading about all the cooties a computer can get to make you think “hey, when WAS the last time I ran my security essentials suite on FULL SCAN, instead of just QUICK SCAN??? How about we do that … right NOW!”

{2:29p + 25 August 2012 = Saturday afternoon, blue naps and runs in her sleep on the Loggieland living room couch – she seems content}

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