Sunday! Sunday! Sun… wait …

Sunday! Sunday! Sun… wait …

I spy with my own little eyes …er, not a whole lot os sun right now. it IS 9 am, and though I have a good view out the side window in the office, looking towards Henry’s collection of be-sheeted Alfas all I see is a scruffy green lawn that needs a mow, our Dali-esque leaning bench in front of the pine trees of dislike. At least the tree trunks have that blackening that happens when it rains – but past the forest of disliked trees I see gray – socked in like a gag gift at the bottom of an appliance cardboard box in the living room of 1 trinity on a chilly Christmas morn!!!

Ok – we only did that once or twice, right? I believe our family had a tradition of string (yarn?) and I’m presuming sleep-deprivation inspired elation. Or maybe I’m thinking of a Brady Bunch episode.

How the hell are you? Can you believe this summer? did you melt? How are the ‘nimals?

We’re tuffing it out here – I believe we’ll only have a week of high 90s this month – totally cooler than July was here. Wonder how it was at the beach this summer? Probably didn’t miss much.

You may have missed the news – I’ve gotten myself back in the collegiate state of mind! Oh yeah – I’ve taken note of these ‘computers’ that have appeared on the contemporary scene and now that the ‘internet’ is available on most of them I think getting some real knowledge on how they network together might prove to be a smart move. So, keep your Cat 5E cables crossed for me & go play a game of Packet Tracer as I head   into the world of Information Systems Security!! Woot W00t!!

This time it’s 50 years, not 75 years. That’s progress, right?

Had a lovely time yesterday hanging out with Morgan and Izzy and Jan and Adam and Jessie and Dahlia-bean. Always nice to hang with totally awesome peeps – especially when I get some nice feedback on how my little Facebook photo experiment is not too shabby. Woot indeed!

oh the Izzy-dorableness!

Jessie & Dahlia-bean
Tasty treats – though not Upstate half-moon, still good

<snipped rant on the crappy situation of politics, our corrupt societal morals, ponderings of challenging 501(3)c tax exempt statuses, and general mood bummering…>

Hey – listening to a string of 1983 and 1984 tunes – ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ by Rockwell(??!!) just started playing, and if I turn my focus oh so slightly to the left here, and recall the mental joy of spinning some Marc Cogman on the living room PS3 these past few days, and the insane ease in which I can find music that I remember by typing in ‘1984 billboard’ in Grooveshark’s search box … hell, it’s even easy for me to find and listen to tunes Blood’s mentioned (‘Los Angeles’ by Phosphorescent) or Matt’s suggested ( in an email subject lined “A friend thought you would be interested in this song”, shares ‘Rock It’ by Sub Focus). Music from the mid 80s makes me feel __________!

Just enjoyed listening to the rain outside (“Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics) as Boo and I took a moment to just be, laying about the bed with the Blue dog close by for the perfect trifecta of loving souls, snuggly souls, and nature’s soundtrack. Yay – all is good in the world!!

Ok – gonna push this so peeps can ponder “just what happened to Scott, and how do I take measures to prevent this from happening to me and my loved ones??’ – ah, the riddles of the universe!


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