Hey – look!!

Hey – look!!

First an apology. No – first let me express my sincerest appreciation for the wonderful people in my life. My love, my Boo – I have no idea what she thought but she kept her mouth shut. My friends both close and far – again, no one pointed out the shocking truth that is this …

er, not so great ‘image’ for scott

So, I give you this –

still not great, but no longer scary!!

as an act of apology – I just didn’t know what I was doing.
well, it’s not like I was trying to make marmalade and accidentally grew my hair out for about a year. I was growing out my hair – no real reason. Just to see what it’s like – and like an attempt to make lemonade out of marmalade rue, I just kept at it thinking it would get better. It did not. Sigh.

So, here ya go – probably should step out of the metaphorical kitchen, don’t you think??

Hope you’re doing fine, having a good hair day, if you will.


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