bright eyes, sunny monday morn

bright eyes, sunny monday morn

Trav & I take a moment to enjoy the morning sun, the crisp winter air

Just like last Monday, thoughts of school and midterms are far from center focus, but unlike last Monday my finger’s are NOT frostbitten from being outside for a little bit! Yay spring!

Boo pauses in the midst of our exodus from Cabin 2

Sunshine and mornings – definitely a great part of being on vacation.

Boo & I take a moment to just rock away the morning

Certainly a sadness to the clearing out, cleaning out, vacating the little refuge from the damned-able life that has us chasing our selves so much of the time… but will I be able to reflect and remember and re-embrace the hope that comes with living in the moment amongst the wonderful-ness of friends and nature? You bet I will, Other Barry, you bet I will.

Drove by the other side of the swimming lake on the way out – quite the nice swimmin’ hole!

Certainly enjoyed the daylight exit – my arrival was stymied by my complete disregard for having all I wanted to pack … packed. Oh, and I think the clocks all conspired against me and sped up once Boo was off and running with Viv… just saying.


Stop Hanging Rock Park!
Turns out that this intersection is only a bit over 2 hours away, if you don’t get lost. Really need to make sure we get back out there soon, and often!
Lady-tron’s first report card!

Of course, coming home after an escape has its benefits: reminds me that life is good, my life and the home Boo and I have stuck together is actually quite a nice place to be. Comfy, like the oft cited well-loved pair of jeans – fits in the right spots.

Through luck and happenstance we are quite blessed with good friends who watched after our ward, good friends who made the trek so fabulous, and good lives – to one and all, thank you. We should all go on a glamping trip soon!

Sun comes in from above Henry’s place next door, illuminating the cup of coffee I have on my desk. the white mug (with pirate markings), my Nikon, my Logitech trackball … all gently happier, gently saying ‘hi’ in the quiet of a Monday morning… {{Plymouth Duster by Count the Penny plays}}

}S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{8:36a + 11Mar2013 = Monday Savings Morning || Going to Georgia, Dance Music and Damn These Vampires by the awesome Mountain Goats}}