sun spills over the desk, keyboard, coffee cup…

sun spills over the desk, keyboard, coffee cup…

What’cha looking at, Lady-tron?

the day pushes its way into our consciousness, we listen to Lady-tron being puppy’sh in the other room (I hope that’s a toy, not my boots) … now licking at her water bowl … I glance to my left, to the window onto the yard. Have a gauzey fabrick under the actual curtains (a window slip?) – it’s all warm glow with exagerated shadows for the window sills, frame – larger than life, but only half a dimension it seems, the wind blows the limbs of the tall tall pines and their faint shadows dance on the gauze screen…Oh so theatrical scott, why why why?
why not?

hello? I’m sitting pretty, ready to go out. wanna go out?

8:50a The Cure sing The Kiss on KEXP, I flash back to the late 80s, and – as I’ve felt these past few days with the local rock station playing every push-button hit song of the 90s – wow. Suspect Time-Travel will be powered by music, when it does take place…

Hi again. ready to go jumping from couch to chair to couch. if you need me to.

Spent yesterday neck deep in the fun and fury that is mid-terms – all in all, not too bad; better than I recall last semester being, and frankly I’m enjoying the topics of knowledgefying that I’m going through – have you changed your Gmail logon to two-factor authentication? you really really should, Yahoo too for that matter.

what’s that? I”m a cutie pie? why yes, yes I am

Oh, the pics of FOSTER DOG Lady-tron? What do you think? Isn’t she a cutie?? Boo and I are both quite pleased that she’s willing to just chill with us while we watch Archer, or how she sits pretty and wants pets and treats – quite the fun little butterball of fury and fur.

Hmmm… oh – here’s an article from a site called The Edge, which I saw referenced over at Neatorama – “What Really Smart People Worry About At Night” – lots to ponder in just the title, let alone the cast of thousands they interviewed for the article. Guess like when I watch a TEDtalk (hey – you go and check out TED.com from time to time, right? Right??) I get that hint of relief that there ARE smart people in the world, not just the dregs of insanity that prop up the callous, corrupt and criminal elements of our governing bodies. Sigh.

{9:04a Jeff Buckley sings haunts “Hallelujah” on KEXP – thanks John}

What – another picture? I can help with that…

clouds frolick over DTCC
How about a sunny cloudy day for your enjoyment? pushed to 70, and of course today we’ll be happy to get to the high 50s. Springtime … got to love it.

Hope the season brings you much sun and warmth and joy into your days, your hopes, your dreams.

{ps – 9:18a -Peter Broderick sings “And It’s Alright” which has the line ‘7 shooting stars in one night’ … quite like it.}


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{8:40a + 13March2013 || Blondie sings “Rip Her to Shreds” on KEXP}}