10 years on… still … fuck.

10 years on… still … fuck.

what am I supposed to say 10 years after my country invaded a sovereign country on a whim? Er, sorry? Er, what the fuck? er, … wow.

yeah, you’ve seen me post this before

In picking at this dormant psychic wound, I get to relive the roller-coaster … the ups, the downs…

Such beauty, who’s the dufus on her arm?

We got ourselves pretty, we had a ‘todo’ to go to. We drive through hollywood…

cops and … robbers?

Past people who may have had a better understanding … was I too young, too committed to my ‘work’? Blinded by the TinselTown sparkle?

Not great seats, but seats at the Oscars!

How about shocking confusion? Not the first time I felt that, sadly hasn’t been the last …

Looking up the details of the show, the date (thus I’m a few days late bemoaning the shitty choices our ‘leaders’ were allowed to make…) I found this over at Wikipedia (was that around in ’03?):

“There comes a time in life when everything makes sense.
 This is not one of those times.”
– Adrien Brody after winning Best Actor.

Funny how a comment – perhaps scripted, perhaps not – plays to the utter truth of the time. We, ‘Merica!! Fuck Yeah!!! – just let this happen. Am I just the fool for thinking we should have done something about it? What do we do now that it’s done? Commit to looking forward, never look back, never admit the mistake?

Maybe, just maybe, in another 10 years time I’ll be able to write something better than this, be able to speak to how the bad guys who are bad had bad things happen to them. Of course, if Emperor Jeb is installed, who knows where we’ll be, who’ll we’ll be killing in the name of … fear?

Guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Hold your loved ones close, for if nothing else I guess this is proof that we’ll all keep going forward into the unknown future.


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