You hold on to the good times…

You hold on to the good times…

oh mr buddy, that bed is too small for you! ~Aug 2006

even as the rain hits your roof, the thunder booms off in the distance, a dark dampness chips away at any feelings of joyful excitement you may have dreamed of last night…

even as the capricious world continues its hurtling-towards-oblivion polka, the caress of loved ones as they cradle your slightly feverish brow in their lap, Dark Matters seriously intoned via the power of TCP (not UDP) pakets via IP…

manners, mr buddy, manners

even as a Delicate Cycle spins your mind around, taking wonders on acquaintances who are in pain, who will be in pain, who don’t deserve to be in pain, with nothing you can do to help…

I made it out of classes – we’ll see how 50% of them end up. Can honestly say I learned a thing to three. Not that I’m using that new found knowledge – sigh.

Buddy. Damn Dog. Damn awesome dog. Damn.
For Kate and her kinders, damn.
I sit and listen, walk the pup in the rain, ponder the chores to do and the dreams to live and think “what can I do?”

mr matt & mr buddy – damn good folks

earlier last week (before Kimmy had her birthday!!) a video made its viral ascension into my consciousness – paraphrased, Russian dashboard-cam footage is not ALL meteors, impressively aggressive drivers and general ruckus-making; no, it apparently captures the country’s impressive lack of boy scouts!! As I came to that conclusion, it also dawned on me the incredibly important truth – just do the right thing. It really is that easy. Shall I play the video?

sophie (i believe) gets some loving

in light of that intellectualizing, I watch – in horror – the news casts of the insanity gripping humanity. I’m pondering incredibly snarky ‘official’ North Carolina press-releases, to the effect “We’ll give gays the right to marry as soon as Mississippi beats our generalized education scores!!”, which would go hand in hand with a North Carolina Tourist Board re-imagined ad campaign like “North Carolina – it’s as simple as whites and blacks!”, or “North Carolina – making it the ’50s again! (1950s or 1850s, which ever…)” … sigh.

why in the world do we have ornate baseboards?? They cause things set up against the wall to be an inch away, and when you go to paint rooms and relinquish your abode boy are they all sorts of ‘pay attention to me. To ME!!!’ needed little bastiges. Sigh.

it’s now quiet, the force of the storm seems to have passed over, the fury and uncertainty gone with the wind. a flicker of power, a bump from KEXP to my songs in the que – pleasantly surprised when The Uncluded Declate Cycle got to pop out of my speakers, giving a delight to my ears and my mood shortly after the lights flicked back on. a surprising delight – i hope we all get many more of those.

your loved ones are too far away if you don’t have your arms wrapped tightly around them. at least make space between the two of you on the sofa for the ‘nimals to hop up and lean and curl tight up against you, take the solace that they offer on a dark and stormy day of our lives, please.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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