Sit up straight, pay attention … you’ll do fine.

Sit up straight, pay attention … you’ll do fine.

may 2013, lovely late winter eve in upstate

“Invest In Knowledge–Not Just Equipment” says a wise line in an email I just read regarding becoming a professional photographer …

Does it tie in well with my most current pursuit of summer school (trapped …. like rats)? Does it tie in super nicely with a few comments by Richard Feynman? Those comments which were are in the textbook for my first summer class (Reading the World – Ideas That Matter by Michael Austin)? Yes, yes to all of it!

I sit preparing to prepare for the class of Mon/Wed, listening to good music (KEXP, stream it for John in the Morning, honest – it’s good. Sea of Love by the National right now) … Boo’s had fun and joy hanging with her brother, playing games. I had my fun and games rolling north for a friend’s birthday (why do I always feel awkward?), seeing my sister and her fam, seeing the people who are awesome and make that location special and hopeful.

moms at matts. also, small pony/large puppy
Ma H gets a well deserved hug from Kimmy

Even tried making a few left turns as I rolled down the deep rut of my recollective psyche. Tomato – on grilled cheese?! Who’d a thunk?

beauty reminds us – feel joy even if you are sad

… and sad or happy, wish your mom a happy day!

I think back on the other times I’ve been to class. Sitting and letting the brain … stretch? Wither? Suffer? I’m thinking of some of the writing I did for a previous class, and the amazingly good advice I had read and regurgitated; I see the wisdom of the ages, I guess. Hah. I’m going with my mind was just racing too damn fast to be able to embrace the cosmic truths presented to me oh those lifetimes ago – one of the benefits of reminiscence, eh? Perchance this time I will be able to ‘get it’ – if not, we’ll try again, I guess. “Too often, we are scared … “

Spring time has come, bringing lovely flowers, horrible storms, and general sighs of resignation as the mugginess increases, the ceiling fans’ speed increases, and I reach for my Keens.

Do I ever actually speak my mind in my writing? Do I ever come out and say thing like ‘visiting with my dad was both great and deeply saddening – his smile and his demeanor are nice to be around, his memory slipping away is not. Even though I wanted to ask him about his mother on Mother’s Day, I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Best to be in the moment, be with the man, enjoy him and his being, and hope to see him again soon.’

poorly focused selfie, with pop, may 2013

No. It’s up there with admitting that Matt’s observation ‘it must have been hard for you’ was both truthful, yet deflect-able – this level of cuteness:

may 2013, just going for a stroll

leads to this level of hope:

love in the living room, may 2013

(11:16a) – had the most wonderful snuggles with the pooper, Halitron, and Boo on the sofa right now – had been missing them both for the week I was in upstate; though the video chat was awesome, there’s something about defending yourself and your loved one from the well-meaning licks of a 35 lb fur-covered pinball. No snappies, but let me tell ya wow – certainly fills the love bucket to overflowing. Sigh.

Ok – all over the place (but when am I not??) – thanks for reading. Hope you are doing well. Think about what you want to invest in – probably never a bad use of thoughts.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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