Leave it to the kids to figure it out

Leave it to the kids to figure it out

23ThursdayMAY 2013

So I read this the other day:
Over the last few years, I’ve watched as teens have given up on controlling access to content. It’s too hard, too frustrating, and technology simply can’t fix the power issues. Instead, what they’ve been doing is focusing on controlling access to meaning. A comment might look like it means one thing, when in fact it means something quite different. By cloaking their accessible content, teens reclaim power over those who they know who are surveilling them.

I have to say a) I’m not surprised, and b) seems like a good and right thing for them to be doing. Of course, how does it apply to ‘adult’ endeavors? Can I tell the boss that my comment ‘wow, this sucks!’ was just code for ‘this is amazing!’ – and when I write down my social security number as 123-45-6789 but really mean something else, well, that’s not really going to work now is it?
::: Scott :::