cold rain falls on the deck, squirrels hide …

cold rain falls on the deck, squirrels hide …

I stand and observe the back yard… the magnolia looms all around the yard, the long green leafs funneling rivulets down to the pine straw covering our yard.

colors that aren’t seen anymore this season…

I stand and observe only because the power of Vicks – NyQuil + Dayquil allow me to be functional. woot.

Tuesday was the last day of my school work til next semester – should be my successful completion of a certificate of knowledge – woot.

Blood was in DC for the internment at Arlington National Cemetery for I believe an uncle of Bob’s, Colonel John Rooney, USMC. Her photographs of the event are wonderful, awe inspiring, and filled with both strength and sadness. She posted that she was thinking of her people who’ve served, and I have to say I’ve had a bought of ‘what should be thought/felt?’ thinking myself.

(c) Carol Wallace 2013 // honoring Col. John Rooney, USMC

Honor. Dignity. Service. Sacrifice. Solemnity.

Winter’s around the corner, the snow and ice to prove it is already upon those north of me. The donut dog wraps herself up to make sure her belly is warm. I envy her.

Hali finds a spot to be

Hope you’ve found a warm place in the sun to curl up, if need be. Remember when we’d just run outside again after chipping the ice off our jeans and waffle-long-underwear? Ah, childhood ignorance.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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