head colds + head cold medicine = ugh, even in February

head colds + head cold medicine = ugh, even in February

stormy days, nature perseveres … feb ’16

a stormy day in Durhamtown, the Bull City.
Stormy weather in many places in my life.

Hope your visit is as quick and enjoyable this time, Pops… May ’07

Spring is about to arrive, the slog through the winter here has left me with limited gusto.
I sit watching storm tracking, listening to upbeat tunes from the other coast, pondering the multiple Excel worksheets in front of me.
I’m not being the person I need to be, or the person I want to be. My mind is … misplaced, it seems. Many many things come to visit, and frankly the blender that is powered by Nyquil makes my dreams quite interesting and somewhat entertaining. If only they meant something, if only I had a dream I was pursuing con gusto. Sigh. Perhaps in March, perhaps I’ll go for a run.

Years ago, different times, different storms… May ’07

This is the sucky part, the part where I encourage you to be with the people you love, tell them about how they make you feel, ask about their lives – and listen. Attentively. Blend that knowledge into who you are, perhaps. Otherwise you’ll be left with questions that have to go unanswered by the authority, and thus you make the stories that fit what you want the narrative to say.

a family photo, from a few lives ago. May ’03

Family is a topic in my life, often.
Framily is another topic in my life, more often.
Happiness is hardly ever a focused topic, instead I find my joy in the moments, I guess.
Know – or figure out – how to help someone feel the joy, feel the happiness, be in the moments. That’s a decent dream to strive for, eh?

{{2:07p + 24Feb2016 = Wednesday afternoon || KEXP Mid-day show, really enjoyed Troy playing Cloud Cult’s No Hell from their The Seeker album}}