August begins, oddly, though not really

August begins, oddly, though not really

Jul ’16 – the sun leaves a present if you look around

Hi. How you doing?
Was called out by a friend the other night. “Dude, so .. you’re alive. What’s up – you got a job?”
Funny thing is that within the previous 6 weeks a different friend called me out – “You’ll go home and look at pictures once you’ve checked in with Boo, who’s home ill … so why don’t you come swimming?”
Kinda … alarming, actually. Friends are totally awesome – they’re the people in your life who’ll point out your asshole-ish ways, and then buy you a beer to keep you going. Perhaps even regale you with a chorus of “A – S – S – H – O – L – E / You’re an asshole, olieo, leo”

But I do look at pics a lot.

Jul ’16 – the sun and clouds and sky – so lovely

I do work – been at Measurement Inc. for a little over a year – catch all title of ‘Project Assistant’ – but I’ve performed admirably, enough so to get to play “Assistant Project Manager” recently – and it turned out fine. Well, no one was critically injured. Timmy will be fine. I’m sure. I hope…
I do dig the ‘work life balance’ aspect of MI – however I think I’ll be working my way up, perhaps out in due course. Mama needs a new pair of shoes!!

Oh – here’s a photo theme I’ve been working on for, oh, a year now:

Jul ’16 – shadows + clouds

Had a lovely time celebrating the latest trip around the sun – cake two weekends in a row!! much happy for Scoot! My friends, gotta say – from happy group photos sent from the frozen north, to happy kids having a swim party, to friends helping me enjoy some candy, it was all very nice. reminded me how much love I have in my life. Yay me!!

Of course the other place that has occupied a good amount of my time this past year (or two, actually) has been ‘The Dog’ –

Just your run of the mill theater/company

I haven’t been writing much.
I haven’t been traveling much.
I have been thinking a bit.
Dreaming may have stopped – probably a bit of a concern there.

Ok – later now, music from my vast collection as a bunch of stuff goes on in my little non Cheetoo Media Consumption center (aka p.en) – hope this finds you in the midst of a great adventure. I hope you have loved ones close. I think we’re going make it through ok. Not unscathed, but that’s life, eh?


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

[8:54p + 3Aug2016 = Wed night || Bruce sings ‘Born to Run’ live from the 80’s, I think // closing out the writing making a post what the hell ever session with some Spirit of Radio from Rush]