Back from the beach…

Back from the beach…

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mickeymatt and I rolled in after a tasty nibble at Jack Astor’s with the Carrie and Nate! We had stopped to help Katie no-longer-K. pack up her and Paul’s u-haul, so that made us good people!!

Boo and Viv are keeping the beach house happily occupied while the others return to fight the good fight – probably will scoot back for the Friday night/Saturday night wrap up. Weeeee …..

Matt’s visit has been exceedingly helpful – as a packing monkey, as a ‘I’ve got your glasses Alicia’ scuba monkey, as a ‘viola! paper clip plus Matt-gyver equals rescued memory card’ for Mel… really, is there anything this dude can’t do????

ok … gonna get ready to ROLL!!!!

pics and vids soon…


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”