Wednesday … already?

Wednesday … already?

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so. all I have to do is … everything. Then we’ll be ready for the beach!
Mickeymatt’s gonna join us for tomorrow, then roll to see Super Droid Robots! for work related activities, then we’ll all run off to the beach Saturday (saturday SATURDAY!!!!) … weeeeee!

Did I mention I have stuff to do? Oh, and it’s raining. Like, heavy, hour long drenching. I can only imagine our back drive / ravine area! if only I had a toy boat.

Boo’s been busy busy busy – tonight she and Mel had a conf. call over at Hobbit House. As Mel headed out to her science project, she borrowed our gayest umbrella in the world; as she made her way out to our front gate the lightning struck, thunderous clap … like the intro to a very weird, yet awesomely gay, scary movie… (alone on a dark and stormy night, her science project of a car down to one flashing bar of energy, is that a light on at the castle???)

oh I need sleep.
I stayed up late last night enjoying the hell out of the end of Cory Doctrow’s ‘Little Brother‘ – where to start??? smartly written action novel aimed at youths, chocked full of technology and social commentary that pushed all my buttons. Cory distributed it under a creative commons license, so I actually read it for free – very very cool. as in I’ll be ordering his other books cause I’ve enjoyed his writing before, but now I can’t help but want to help him out. Highly recommended – either for free or for money.

Boo, on the other hand, has been staying up nights, because she’s scaring herself by completing her day job. Go ahead, click on the book in the center at the bottom. Make sure your sound is up, but you might also want to make sure you have your lights on….

Oh, and Boo’s been ‘art blogging’ – don’t know if she (and Carrie) have a site up yet, but boy does boo have mad skills … I should link to a pic or three I’ve taken so far. Hold on a moment…

There we go.

Go boo!

ok … think I’ll head off to … cleaning? ugh…

dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”