of happiness, joy, love & hope on a Sunday morn

of happiness, joy, love & hope on a Sunday morn

how you doin’, gorgeous? – c Sep ’17 @ Hobbit House

I have had many Sunday mornings. Many mornings at Hobbit House, on the stoop with a pup, watching the world go by, discussion with myself, the pup, the sky…

today was by far the most amazing.

Have I told  you about my son Stephen? What? Yup – Boo made the perfect tiny baby, he’s been making our lives a royal mess/incredibly wonderful since April. holy shit – 6 months??

He’s singing on the floor to my right.

//the apartment by Barnaked ladies//

He’s amazing.
he’s trying to roll over again – not sure if from belly to back is the typical easy first-timer move

we spent the morning – he and I – (and hali) (and a cuppa) on the stoop. watching our neighborhood – be it Athena next door on the stoop, our new neighbors out walking with visitors, the guys putting the roof on the house across the way, the peeps from next door to that getting the fam into the accord to go … somewhere?

a pretty damn good way to start the day – tiny perfect baby, decent cuppa, the Hali-pup, and Bears With Beers – c. Sep ’17 @ Hobbit House

As we enjoyed, relaxed, embraced a slow start to the day I pondered how happy this made me. Which led to pondering joy v. happiness – I’m happy with the vendo-matic at work having a package of strawberry Pop-Tarts (I mean, who WOULDN’T be happy?)
Holding my son, drinking coffee, next to my pup, while Boo gets some much needed rest – yeah, that’s all about the joy. All about love. and dear wow is it about the hope.

blue skies above… with clouds. NOAA will have a handout on that, I’m sure. c. Sep ’17 @ Hobbit House

Hope. Today lived well makes every tomorrow a vision of Hope or so said an observer of the ever-new dawn.

I’ve sat on the stoop in times of joy, in times of sadness. I’ve pondered the entire range of feels and thoughts. that stoop has seen me in bad times. But today – with Rumbly – just wow.

well… that’s a face with some feels on it, eh?

What brings you happiness?
What brings you joy?
How do you fell loved?
Do you have hope, on a sunday morning, in the fall?


//9:49a + 10Sep2017 = sunday morning with rumbly || Love & hate by Michael Kiwanuka//