of todays, tomorrows, and the importance of being

of todays, tomorrows, and the importance of being

“keep moving” – ~Oct 2012, durhamtown

from the calm of a Monday in the cubicle I get a poke from my Google Calendar.
as a man of dates I had to laugh at how completely off my radar today was, and frankly it’s a lovely example of … convergence! no – transference! wait – interference? projection? fuck…

So I dug through a few albums, had to revisit the Calendar note to get the year right.
the notes also indicates that our friends helped out with Boo.
I recall that was a hard dark time.
apparently I made grilled cheesys as a way to show love.
that’s changed a bit now – grilled quesadillys & … well,

pure joy, resting – ~Sep 2017, Hobbit House

It is seriously astounding the places in my heart, in my soul that this wee one takes/brings me.

//Good Life – Francis Dunnery – Scrubs Soundtrack // ah, touche Universe. //

the places I’ve gone in life are piling up under the label ‘interesting’
We had a moment, went camping, then from possible joy (Kimmy on the phone) to a really really really bad moment or three months.

good sir Trav watching out for us – ~oct 2012, Hobbit House

so we stumbled onward – forward, not fetal – and I doodled and tried to capture the loss of … joy? of hope? of …
Well, something big, something important.
setting aside those feels,I focused, and worked at making Boo ok.
because she didn’t deserve the pain, the hell.
she deserved a good life.

it was fall, there was grilled cheese and tomato soup – oct 2012, Hobbit House

and so we trod along. Not sure, not anti-sure. Just … as. “Pooh just is”
Good times, trying times, and then ‘well, here we are again’ – and that’s been kinda amazingly disorientating. Don’t think I’ve pondered the alt where-in Tomorrow turns 5 next spring. Huh. I’m sure that would be something indescribable.

// as a note on the tunes playing as I write this: I recall I screamed them quite a bit lo those years ago – Beautiful World – Colin Hay – Scrubs Soundtrack, Are you Having A Good Time by Leroy from Scubs … //

I get to respond to the genuine social-ness of ‘how’s things? how’s the baby?” here at work – and when that happens I get to step right back into the joys (and challenges) that Today holds for us.
All the perspectives have shifted even though I forget, finding myself on the habitual path; it’s not where I am, any longer.

In noting that as we adapt to his latest challenge (or re-assertion re: sleep and timing and ‘nope’ … sigh) we succeed just in time to have things change (hello rolling over baby. it’s called Velcro). It’s all the same, it’s all so totally different.

I ran, I burned, I graduated, we cried and cried and cried. Joys around us kept us smiling, chaos around us kept us wary – 5 years is a bit of time, much has changed much has stayed the same, but different. 
of love, of happiness, of awesomeness. Rumbly’s got a pretty decent Ma, I’d say – Boo, ~fall 2012, durhamtown

it’s pretty damn important in our lives.
I’m incredibly lucky to have so much, and have those whom I can love onto.

His name is Stephen. He literally is Today, the incarnation of Tomorrow for me.

Tomorrow arrived and with it all sorts of hope and joy and happy. ~Sep 2017, Hobbit House

I hope you have lots of love in your life. That you have joy. That in the painful times, the dark times, the lost times, you persevere (even if by accident) – listen to music and play it very loud. shout and cry and fury – whatever it takes to make it through the night.

If you need a hug I know a wee lad who’ll grab your ear if you’re especially lucky.


//2:29p + 25Sep2017 = Monday afternoon || M.I.A. Paper Planes (via a GMusic playlist titled ’17|08 Aug Home’ //