oddly in July, thoughts of community

oddly in July, thoughts of community

Lucky, definitely – Jul ’18, American Tobacco Campus, durhamtown

Community. It’s not just a funny show on TV! Currently I’m a big fan of where I live – durhamtown has been a nice place to be.

But it’s not the only community I consider myself to be a part of. As often happens every weekday I take a listen to keXp (90.3 fm Seattle//kepx.org around the world)

over the years I’ve been lucky enough to support keXp – it feels good. jul ’18 hobbit house

I’m proud to be part of the keXp community – even if I feel a bit of a fraud, but by-golly I’m a fan of John’s morning show, and pretty much everything else I happen to catch. If I were rollin’ in the 206 do know that I’d have that station permanently welded to spot numero Uno preset on the car radio. Welded solid!

thanks Allen S. – Jul ’18, hobbit house

Another community in which I feel a tad bit the fraudster, but alas I earned entrance the hard way, is my former work center  – Big Blue’s Metro Tango. Good people who did good work. Some would say we did magic. And as I read posts and muse missing out on annual gathers (reflecting how in truth I was adjacent to the main team… and that’s fine too) I know that where I was, who I was has had an impact on who I became. I stand on the ground trod by fellow veterans of my community.

local and delicious! – Jul ’18, durhamtown

Then there’s the closer circle – durhamtown, of course, but our section – Colonial Village/North Gate Park adjacent – our little corner grocer – King’s. in 10+ years I’ve never been let down by them.

It’s important to everything, isn’t it?
It offers you a home. It offers you a home away from ‘home’ – from the basic smoker’s arrangement agreement (outside, by the door – or out at the sidewalk on/about Duke Medical, eh?) to more ethereal ‘oh, you’re into theater?’ & ‘hey, nice bike.’
Community is how you feel confident in your opening line to the folks who are just friends you haven’t met yet. Looking at you durhamtown music & theater scene – how kinda awesome.

I guess this musing leads to this conundrum – if community is what brings us together, helps us feel secure – what happens when you run across a community that doesn’t? How do we come together when in fact they hold the mere existence of those who are different in contempt, and sometimes murderously so? You’d think with the number of tours of the sun I’ve seen I’d have some sort of insight, but alas.

Guess it’s the quiet even hours, wonders and worries of the future not just for me, but for mine. Will he find a place? will that place be worthy of him? will I have any impact on his arc at all?

late night, pondering, poking about the keyboard and dusty memories – photos strewn across terabytes of storage, recollections beneath the stairwell in my mind – how on earth did I think that mustache was … whatever I thought it was? Just … no.

Take care of each other, ok? The weather is all over the place, and I fear the summer storms will be ruinous this year.


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“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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