oddly in July, friends, friendships and family

oddly in July, friends, friendships and family

clear skies and a pass to the party deck! Good times – Jul ’18, DBAP

I’ve enjoyed the kindnesses bestowed upon me and mine these past few days – just really nice, super easy, truly a good way to live our best life.To our kind friends, our good neighbors – thank you.

So I find myself here not having much of a cohesive plan for this post. I believe I need to be totally fine with that – what do you think?

Boo & I were treated to an evening of fun and joy courtsey of the kind gents and fabulous lady who gave us the space to be out and about and enjoying. Have to say it was certainly the best time I’ve ever spent at a ball game in July – so very very luck we were.

Certainly an evening worth celebrating! – Jul ’18, DBAP

An evening with friends – with the wee lad being in the good hands of another friend. I’m sure I’ll look back on this weekend fondly years from now – it was a milestone of sorts.

A place to put your ass – Jul ’18, DBAP

We went on quite the adventure this evening – the three of us crossed the street to enjoy a very pleasant gather at Katie of the Blue House. Got to meet the one over neighbor which was nice, and Gabi & Dustin were also there to enjoy. After some concurring opinions that the wee lad is kinda awesome, including both 4-legged friends, some drinks, some sushi, some salsa were all enjoyed, and after the wee lad bid his farewells, we enjoyed the company and I – at least – felt once more that I was adulting with distinction. Look – we’re out of our house! We’re imbibing! We’re talking about things other than poop and electric outlet covers! We ROCK!!!

I did get to recollect our coming to durham story for ms. Megan; all these years in all these lifetimes – just kinda wow. Of course I forgot to thank Gabi & Dustin for the cold brew they shared the other weekend – what with my mind being a mere shadow of it’s previous, anxiously ruled pursuit of utter pleasantness. Forgive me, I am only human.

summer nights can be great nights – Jul ’18, DBAP

It was nice to have a reminder that the town I call home, the town my son will call ‘home’ – it’s a pretty damn good place to be. Kind & wonderful people, good fun things to go and do, certainly a surprising place to find myself compared to my ‘master plan’ – but then again, aren’t plans what we do while other things  happen?

Locals who’ve done good – it was a stranger things kind of night – Jul ’18, DBAP

I think I’ll wrap this entry on these fleeting thoughts/themes – perhaps truths – people are decent more often than not. Some write stories and make shows; some offer open doors and kind  hearts in the name of neighborliness; some take a stroll about a ballpark even when sitting under the ceiling fan is the much better call. But as I look back over these few days, and then look back over the past decade – it’s plain to see that changes happen; I find it true that there is hope in that fact.

Take care of one another, be as kind as you can be.


//11:15p + 15 July 2018 = Sunday night || Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridgers plays besides my keyboard, Nexus 6P once more making my life a little bit better. Much appreciation Celia & Craig – y’all have no idea how much you’ve helped us.//