of comfort and kiddo

we celebrated on saturday, the whole house rearranged, the weather uncooperative for outdoor adventures, nice people being friendly and kind. so very nice.

on monday his awesomeness was amazing in the morning light – a moment (once more) where I truly do not feel worthy of this honor

tomorrow is his 2nd trip about the sol completes – just whoa. Boo mentions how huge his feet are – his oh so very small feet, which are much larger now. Just an incredible journey.

I have much to think and type – but I do not. how odd.

||oasis-supersonic||10:49p+15Apr2019=Monday/Tax day/ Patriot Day???||john’s show from a few days ago||

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||3:10p+18Dec2019=Wednesday pm || still with CGP and Mike – talking to do lists and how to … organize…||

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