Month: June 2019

first I had one – now two, oddly in June

there was a time I believed I was an adventurer. finding new places to go, new things to try. I…

quiet Sunday reflections, even in June

trying to remember, trying to recall, what truly impacted me versus the stories we tell versus unobjectionable truth. it’s that…

a rainy Sat morning, even in June

the power of technology – I’m dictating this entry from my phone while watching my kid play in our middle…

On a day deserving loving thoughts I reflect, oddly in June

//10:07p+5Jun2019=Wed evening | dialog & soundtrack tunes from a point in time that was oh so important and now seems…

Right beside me crumbled bits of the past, even in June

Used to be able to write copious words saying nothing. Tonight … can’t seem to find the rhythm to it….

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