-insert pithy blog title here, even in September-

-insert pithy blog title here, even in September-

You got one life

Seems THIS life I get to spend 3+ weeks coughing in this end of summer. gah!

in the dark find someplace comfortable

being knocked down sucks. being without an option to hibernate, wrap myself in the Nyquil coccon that replenishes life – it sucks.

that I was able to find some comfortable places was nice – perhaps the first time thru will be the worst.

along the path, thru the farm

well, wanted to say hi. not sure why or if it matters. but here I am. standing up! (while sitting down!) – sigh.

be good to each other.

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“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

 /2:25p+30Sep2019=Monday afternoon || into on ear some NPR podcasts & the other the souless quiet of the office/

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