August Fifth, again

August Fifth, again

all day long in about 4 minutes

I really wish I knew the magic combo of x, y, and z that allows me to awake with a sense of optimism. I mean, I truly understand the ‘magic’ combo of – well, it’s just doom-scrolling through the book of faces, it’s just that – that reduces my sense of optimism… that I have enough on hand to get through the day as drunk as I’d like to be. alas, we all face challenges and obstacles, right?

I just signed a ‘DocuSign’ service agreement where I couldn’t select the monthly v. annual payment options YET I could change the service fees – odd. We’ll see what Matt et al think – hopefully the cute pup pic will win them over.

and here we are – I’m not writing the deep thoughts … yet. I’m drifting along – not really focused on my life. Wonder what I’m waiting for, eh?

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//8:38a+5Aug20= Wednesday Morn || the kiddo being happy, the brightness of hope on my mind//

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