August 8th, again

August 8th, again

a weekend spectacular for your enjoyment 🙂

The weekends are … odd in these insane times. Do I do more or less work? Am I more or less productive? If I relax purposefully is that alright?

Surprise visit of wayward family is nice, an unexpected jolt that shakes up the house energy. Not unplanned for, just the timing is off – but the payoff for those traveling is joy – and who can be against that, right?

a friend by the sea, the sun hangs around. C. Jun ’01, PCH at Point Magu rock

Some evidence of my life makes me tilt my head and wonder – how could it be both this and that? Speaks to the grander scheme of how we become who we are, right? I could not be the father of Rumbly without my wandering the Pacific Coast Highway all those lifetimes ago. I will say seeing a shot from then often makes me smile – reminds me of how big my life has been/is, in actuality. Reinforces my sense of self, as one who was willing to head out into the unknown, confident and hopeful it would all turn out ok. I’d say it has.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//10:44p+8Aug20 = Saturday eve || the laughter and chatting of sisters, the cry of a kiddo, the silence of a teen, all on a night at home//

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