August 22nd, again

August 22nd, again

sky is the same though different on sides of town
it’s almost a natural looking shape. c. Nov ’19, chapel hill town

We got thru the day decently. I even got time with friends, though in conversation I was asked to share, and also sternly imparted the answer to some of my concerns is to ask for what I want. seems easy, right? Alas, not as easy as it could be.

Practice will have to be committed to. Of course the times we are living in have made some of my basic subroutines run quite haphazardly – but practice can only help.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//8:49a+22Aug20 = Saturday morn || the subtle ambience of YouTube free audio tracks that are the bed for PacoScott’s cloud-lapse videos, along with the excited descriptions of ‘oh no – my truck!’ & ‘the barn is open, we’re missing the cows – moooooo’ Rumbly reports from the middle room//

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