‘never going back’ … if we could would you?

‘never going back’ … if we could would you?

happenstance on the road to work

and so we make it thru another … day. Going back – it would be interesting, if nothing else.

something cute in a town far away. c. Oct ’06, durhamtown

Funny how far along you get before you realize you’re on your way – or at least for me. We’re finally taking a look at some long-overdue maintenance for Hobbit House, plotting a path where we will at least know where we are standing for a while. Ewwww – scary – acting like adults!! Watch out!!! :- )

in the fall, with friends, a nice time. c. Sep ’12, lovely lavender-towne

//11:14p – || Bill Callahan from Smog on keXp, live, with Cheryl, via the archives, since blood said ‘hey, were you listening? yesterday. and I was not.//

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//10:14a+15Sep20= Tuesday morn || “Back Down” by Bob Moses on The Morning Show on keXp, with good soul John//

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