Actions, not just words, even in September

Actions, not just words, even in September

Saturday at home in the fall

a late might crafting of a few words, some joy to share, and … just a bit of shell-shock. I hope you’re muddling thru decently enough.

utterly normal, completely bizarre, a day at work. c. Sep ’20, durhamtown

//11:56p – || “I Will Always” + ” Wanted”, by The Cranberries, live, on 2 Meter Sessions from 1993 – because you look and you find, sometimes some awesome things.//

It was a very good day – got some alone time, the kiddo and Boo had adventures!!! yay for a really kinda nice fall day, while the dumpster burns.

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//11:33p+19Sep20= Saturday eve || “Beautiful World” cover by Karl Sweeney brings me calm… //

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  1. so soothing to watch this tonight, thank you ❣️ Could feel my gut/heart opening from their contracted state – quite viscerally. Interesting

    I was thinking as I noticed the trees’ movement that, regardless of the breeze/wind/blows they absorb, they stay rooted & upright, modeling what we too must learn to do

    Sleep well blood…tomorrow, we dust off and begin again

    Carol W.

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