to reset, or to release

to reset, or to release

we start here, again

//10:52p + 7 Feb 2021 = Sunday eve || some fans spinning as I try some 4K time-lapse//

we’d all be better off if we took the moment to be with the sunset, everyday. c. Jan ’18, durhamtown

it’s quiet. I stitched together a few clips from two new/different phone cameras in pursuit of better video for time-lapse. think I’ll just share what I got – it’s not horrible, and it’s a starting point.

g.s. Mark Nepo wrote about sadness, and the odd fate of those in a family who are willing to carry the emotions of others. as with any good ‘sel-help’ guide I pondered how much damage I’ve caused thru my years, but in his passage also saw me in the part of the one who lifts/is given to hold. Mark’s core point is to not hold the sadness, but hold the person. seemingly clear enough instructions, just fighting against a lifetime of practice.

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