a lovely summer sky, end of June, 2017 I believe

//09:06a + 18 Feb 2021 = Thursday morn, so chilly, so wet || ditdditditdditdditdditdditdit – said the kiddo, a buzzing sound, when he awoke. some bench pressing pumps too! || Jimi improvs at woodstock, live, on keXp, on Early, with Gabriel, on a celebration of Music Heals – Live music edition//

Did g.s. Gabriel spin a live version of Portishead’s classic ‘Glorybox’ this morn, first thing? why yes. Was it for a listener who speaks of love for the live shows, and as a woman who’s single, where she’d mingle. oh the death of live venues, the dearth of sex for a year. (I write that with a twinge of ‘no, don’t write ‘sex’ scott, we’re nice people. And as I come to this realization, and write it down, it becomes much clearer the issues I’ve dealt, grappled, carried with, hidden away all these years, eh? Also noted by a friends note on how a sitch they had may or may not ‘spice up our sex LARP’ with their partner. Ah for those who are more at ease, perhaps even more in ‘happy’, eh?)

Here’s to the dancers in my life!

a very unusual & pretty special aircraft

We wait in the front room for the ice to come, for the day to move along.

/11:44p – well, the ice didn’t arrive, but Percy made it to Mars – so yay! today’s vids were not really nice, so I had to find an older file – is it already up? who knows!!!

I watched a few YouTube clips on the Mars 2020 rover, on Elon’s shiny starship (stainless steel has different benefits than aerospace standard aluminum alloy), a video on Penrose tiling and was impressed by how well the host shared the info and just how amazing maths can be. Perhaps I’ll link them in an edit tomorrow.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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