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//09:31a +20 Feb 2021 = Saturday morning || the dull moaning in my head as I read ‘as required by security policy’ … thankfully I get 2 minutes at a time to think/worry – woot!//

Ever have a point in your life where all you need to do is disconnect your worrying brain from a muscle memory thing? Ever succeed – accidentally not just once, but three/four times? Did you have a countdown clock you were able to set aside during the panic? Asking for a friend.

Real Engineering has a video on Why Space X Built A Stainless Steel Starship

Veritasium has a video on The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

Veritasium also has a video on Why Robots That Bend Are Better which I found to be fascinating

and will see signs of normal natural paths shortly. right? c. Sep ’20, hobbit house

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