uncharted waters, oddly in March

uncharted waters, oddly in March

sometimes you’re given a nice treat

//3:31p + 11 Mar ’21 = Thursday afternoon || little footsteps coming up to the door!//

“Did you have a good day?” – I like to think the kiddo does have good days.

not saying I’d use this as a cover to a retrospective of my photography efforts, but maybe. c. Apr ’14, durhamtown

I do have to say that I’m kinda enjoying the stroll through photographs lane that I do when trying to make these posts worthy of anyone’s time. Of course finding such cool shot like above, during a time when I may not have yet embraced that I ‘am’ a photographer makes me think perhaps I was a bit stupid then. It’s only when I compare to the last 53 weeks of March photos that I see that actually I’m lucky to get the occasionally great shot. Different times I fear.

good on ya Eddie – making some dough. bit of an ass but still – good on ya!

/12:00p – the next day – keXp makes me smile. the next day is a fine day to complete the effort.

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