one year later the skies still impress

//12:11p + 14 Mar 21 = Sunday after-morn || a happy mouse sings of the lost love of bouncing//


ever wonder why I do this? ’cause I do all the time.

I do appreciate that it’s my outlet for cool photos from the past lives I’ve lived, and it’s where I ‘showcase’ my time-lapse vids, so it serves a purpose. At one point I used to think I was writing very. important. words. Alas, no more.

So here’s a pic of something awesome!

when we traveled with others. perhaps a future time once more, yes? c. Apr ’14, durhamtown

Oddly one of my challenges – Rush vs. Pro – might be tipped in one direction or the other due to machine issues. didn’t see that as an outcome.

ok – just a short ‘how ya do?’ so that my ‘streak’ of putting up vids/posts continues as if I were a talented ‘getter done of things!!’ – we all have our fantasies!

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